Sep 11
Hurricane Relief Efforts
We would like to update you all on disaster relief efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma.  Setting up an employee...

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We Concentrate on Safety Every Day but . . .

Slip, Trip and/or Fall Type injuries continue to occur more frequently than any other injury type classification. From August of 2013 through March of 2016 they account for 24.4% or roughly 1 in 4 injury claims.  Make sure shoes and /or boots have sufficient tread showing.  Wear Shoes with Slip resistant soles as […]


Do you cover sneezes and coughs properly? It may seem like a silly question. It’s one of those common courtesies that we engage in so automatically that we barely think about it. But health experts say that is exactly the problem.   To reduce the spread of infectious germs, experts recommend NOT sneezing or coughing […]

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