1. STRESS: Frayed nerves are a frequent cause of “tension” headaches and may also trigger migraines. Take 30 minutes a day just to daydream, meditate or otherwise relax. Daily exercise also helps ease stress and tension.


2. EYESTRAIN: Focusing on one object for a long time (such as a computer screen) can cause temporary head pain. Take occasional “eye breaks” by looking out a window; consider an eye exam to see if a vision problem may be a factor in your headaches.


3. DIET: Certain foods contain substances that can trigger headache pain. Examples are caffeine, red wine, processed meats, chocolate, cheese, citrus fruits, snow peas and MSG.


4. SITTING: Staying seated for long periods (like maybe behind the wheel of truck?) especially if you’re hunched over for extended periods – can tighten muscles and lead to tension headaches. Shift positions – stretch once an hour – take a lunchtime walk.


5. SLEEP: Too little or – surprisingly – too much sleep can bring on headaches. Control your body’s internal clock by gong to bed and getting up at the same times each day – even when you’re not working!

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