“Zinc, iron, copper, selenium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, KRYPTONITE – – – UH OH!”

 When medications are prescribed for you – tell your health professionals:
  •  All of your medical conditions and the names of doctors providing treatment
  • The names of all medicines and other products you are taking
  • Any problems you are having with your medicines
  • The medicines to which you are allergic
Being “Medicine Smart” also means knowing several key facts about the medicines you are currently taking – and being able to share that information with the members of your healthcare team with each visit.  That means keeping track of the names of the medicine(s) you are taking, how much you take, when and how you take it, why you take it, and when you starting taking it.
That’s a lot to remember, so always carry a list of all your medicines – including prescription and over the counter – vitamins, dietary supplements, or herbal remedies you may be taking.  Take your list with you and share it every time you visit your doctor(s) or pharmacy.  Lean how to be “Medicine Smart” – your life could depend on it!


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