Even small noises cause the pupil of the eye to dilate.  This may be why surgeons, jewelers, and other who perform delicate manual operations tend to be bothered by uninvited noise:  it subtly blurs their vision.

  1. A large meal will temporarily make your hearing less sharp.
  2. Your ears can determine the direction from which a sound comes quite well, but are less adept at assessing how far away the source is.
  3. Ninety percent of a young child’s knowledge is attributable to hearing background conversation.
  4.  More than a third of children with even slight hearing loss, researchers estimate, will fail at least one grade.
  5. Tinnitus – a buzzing or ringing sound in the ears – afflicts roughly 15% of the U.S. population.  The condition is ancient; it’s been found described on clay tablets from Assyria.

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