Speeding may save a few minutes, but slowing down can save a life.

Remind yourself to SLOW DOWN when entering curves in the roadway. Especially ones you are unfamiliar with. The Laws of Gravity demand it!

Maintain your lane of travel. If you are having a hard time doing this in a curve you are going too fast.

Keep your tires on the roadway. The laws of gravity are already pulling the vehicle to the opposite direction of the turn so to compensate you must decrease your speed of travel.

Be careful not to OVER CORRECT if your steer tire does leave the roadway during a tight turn. When safely possible decrease your speed first before attempting to pull your vehicle back onto the roadway.

Conducting proper pre-trips inspections in conjunction with a periodic safety walk-around of the vehicle during travel (every 3 hours or 150 miles) significantly reduces the risk associated with tire failure.

Remind yourself to “Aim High in Steering” to help keep you aware of what is ahead of you in the roadway. This can reduce the chance of impacting road debris which can cause tires to blow out.

Get proper rest and stay alert. Fatigue can slow both reaction time and our thought processes decreasing our ability to effectively judge and if possible avoid losing control of a vehicle due to steer tire blow outs.

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