You’ve probably heard that in order to lift safely, you must lift properly – and here’s how:


GET AS CLOSE TO THE LOAD AS POSSIBLE  – The further the load is from the centerline of your body, the greater the strain imposed on your back.
AVOID PICKING UP HEAVY OBJECTS PLACED BELOW YOUR KNEES – The most common cause of back injury is overloading.
KEEP YOUR BACK STRAIGHT – This means, don’t bend at the waist when reaching to lift an object.  Keep the natural arch in your lower back, which distributes the load evenly over the surface of spinal discs,
GLUE YOUR HAND TO YOUR THIGH – If you carry a load in one hand, such as when carrying a tool box, place your free hand on the outside of your thigh and mentally “glue” it into position.  This will help you maintain correct back alignment, rather than lifting and tilting to one side.
TIGHTEN YOUR STOMACH MUSCLES – This technique helps prevent your spine from twisting.
STAY IN GOOD PHYSICAL CONDITION – A protruding stomach is an extra load carried away from the centerline of the body, and prevents you from keeping a lifted object close – the #1 rule for back care.
STRETCH & LOOSEN UP BEFORE WORK – Research has shown that trunk flexibility and mobility is significantly lower in the morning than later in the day, increasing the number and severity of back strains.  A few minutes of stretching can warm up cold stiff muscles and tendons, and help you avoid an injury.  All professional athletes know this – “industrial athletes” should too!

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