The ringing of a phone or pinging of a text creates irresistible urges for many people to answer the call, read the message or respond.

Company policy prohibits all hand held mobile phone use in company vehicles and owner operator leased units.  Cardinal also highly recommends non-company owned vehicle operators avoid using hands free devices (see company policy for details.)

To avoid these temptations:

  • Turn off your cell phone, or put it on silent, before driving
  • Toss your cell phone in the trunk or glove box to avoid temptation
  • Pre-set your navigation systems and music playlists before driving
  • Schedule stops to check voicemails, emails and texts
  • Set special ring tones for important incoming calls, and pull off to a safe place to take them
  • Tell co-workers, family and friends not to call or text you when they know you are driving
  • Change your voicemail greeting to tell people that you may be driving, and that you will call back when you can safely do so

Positive side effects of not using a phone while driving

  • More likely to arrive safely at your destination
  • Feeling more relaxed; some of our best ideas and solutions come when we are at ease
  • Not letting your phone control you
  • Avoiding crashes and their associated costs – doctor visits, auto repairs, etc.


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