Feeling run down? You’ll turn up the energy in five minutes if you . . .

REFUEL – Snack on fiber-rich munchies, such as dried apricots, celery sticks, an apple or a few pistachio nuts. The fiber helps control the release of glucose (a sugar) into your bloodstream and may prevent energy dips.
TAKE A VISUAL VACATION – Close your eyes and mentally escape by imagining a peaceful scene on an island, in a meadow or by the ocean. “Seeing” yourself relaxed can be rejuvenating.
BREATHE DEEPLY – Every one to two hours, spend five minutes inhaling and exhaling deeply. It will help you feel calmer and ore mentally focused, with renewed energy.
SNAP OUT OF IT – Splash cold water on your face or pop a breath mint – mint flavors are stimulating.
NOTETAKE A “GOOD NEWS” INVENTORY – At the end of the day, write down all the good things that happened. You’ll be surprised at how much went right. Plus, you’ll set yourself up for a good night’s sleep . . . . and energize yourself for tomorrow!


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