We all live fast-paced lives, and that sometimes translates to drivers not getting the proper amount of rest. Fatigue has been said by some to be a contributing factor in more than 75% of vehicle overturns.

Are you well rested?  Here are some tips for staying alert while driving.

  • Watch Your Posture – Slouching or being too relaxed in the driver’s seat can promote fatigue.  Try to maintain an attentive posture and avoid slouching or setting low in your seat.
  • Take Frequent Breaks – Every couple of hours, try to get out of the cab and move about to get your blood flowing.  Even if you only stop at a gas station, restaurant or rest stop – getting out of the vehicle and moving about helps fight fatigue.

If anti-fatigue measures fail and you start noticing the danger signs of fatigue, pull over at the first safe locations and get some rest!

Warning Signs of Fatigue

  • You can’t stop yawning
  • Your eyelids droop or blink frequently
  • You have trouble keeping your eyes open and focused
  • Your mind wanders or you have disconnected thoughts
  • You can’t remember driving the last few miles
  • You weave between the lanes, tailgate or miss traffic signals
  • You hit rumble strips or grooves in the road

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