Aug. 6th

John Creel, CC617 Land O’Lakes, Fort Worth TX

The 1st quarter Driver of the Quarter for CC617 is John Creel. John has been with Cardinal since 2012. John is one of the trainers for our bulk operation in Fort Worth. He comes to work every day with a great attitude ready to work hard. John has built great relationships with all of our […]

Jul. 30th

Prevent Heat Illness

Prevent Heat Illness There were 7415 heat -related deaths in the United States from 1999 to 2010, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ( CDC ). These preventable deaths illustrate how important preparation is during extreme temps.  Whether you are swimming at the beach or lounging in the park, you should be […]

Jul. 16th

New Customer! – SiteOne CC748, Addison IL

A huge shout out to our 748 startup team of Tom, Dora, and Ray for an awesome event held yesterday at our new customer, SiteOne in Addison, IL. It was the first big event for our new trailer, and we are very thankful to all who could join. The day started out great with beautiful weather, and then mother […]

Jul. 9th

Are You Well Rested?

We all live fast paced lives.  This fast pace sometimes translates to drivers not getting the proper amount of rest.  Are you well rested? Here are some tips for staying alert when driving Watch Your Posture:  Slouching or being too relaxed in the driver’s sat can promote fatigue.  Try to maintain an attentive posture and […]

Jun. 25th


Every year, thousands of homes catch fire because of grills.  Make sure your barbeque is risk free. Combining explosive fuels with food, hot metals, and large groups of people can be a recipe for disaster if you are not careful. Everything has risks. Knowing what those risks are and how to reduce them is the […]

Jun. 11th

Hands Free is not Risk Free

A HABIT WORTH BREAKING . . . The ringing of a phone or pinging of a text creates irresistible urges for many people to answer the call, read the message or respond. Company policy prohibits all hand held mobile phone use in company vehicles and owner operator leased units.  Cardinal also highly recommends non-company owned […]

May. 28th


Identify the hazards & deal with them — THESE INJURIES DON’T “JUST HAPPEN” Use full width dock plates Remove slip and trip hazards Check your load for broken pallets or loose banding Get help for loads not manageable by one person Use loading and unloading equipment that is appropriate for the load materials Check trailer […]

May. 14th


A nasty reality of driving large commercial vehicles is that you have significant areas around the vehicle where you just plain can’t see other vehicles that might be present. It makes life on the road even more dangerous than it otherwise might be. Those “blind spots” take special skill to manage as well as you […]

Apr. 30th

Smith System Key #5: MAKE SURE THEY SEE YOU

How to do it: Communicate in traffic; use your horn, lights and signals. What it does: Lets others know what you are about to do, establishes eye contact. Key Phrase: Don’t gamble. Use your horn, lights, and signals.   The worst thing a driver can do is assume . . .  Assume other drivers […]

Apr. 23rd

Smith System Key #4: LEAVE YOURSELF AN OUT

How to do it: Create a path of the least resistance. Keep your space cushion on all 4 sides. What it does: Creates multiple escape paths when a situation develops. Key Phrase: Be prepared and do your best to expect the This fourth principle of the Smith System states to leave yourself a way out.   […]