Nov. 17th

Cardinal College Scholarship!

Does your child need Money for COLLEGE? Apply for the Cardinal Scholarship! Eligibility Criteria: High School Senior. Minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale through the Spring 2017 Semester. Dependent Child of a full-time active employee of Cardinal/Greatwide. Must be planning to attend ant accredited, public or private, four-year college or university in Fall […]

Nov. 13th


Although November is the month with the highest risk for vehicle-deer collisions, such accidents can happen any time of the year – and the effects are costly! About 200 people die each year from collisions with deer, and the economic cost to Americans is more than $1 billion annually. DOT officials in eight states want […]

Nov. 8th

A Message from Dave Edwards

What’s going on at Cardinal you ask? Plenty. Let me take a few minutes to update you on the haps here at Cardinal. First of all let me talk about equipment. As you may know Cardinal is converting its entire fleet to automatics (we’re about 65% complete). I know, I know, there are some drivers […]

Nov. 6th

Smith System Key #2: GET THE BIG PICTURE

Remember – your truck is only a small piece of the equation when it comes to the BIG PICTURE on the road. Don’t limit your vision – see the entire road.   Anticipate how what you see will affect your driving. A driver who “gets the big picture” is aware of   his/her surroundings at all times. There’s […]

Nov. 1st

Smith System Key #1: AIM HIGH

How do you AIM HIGH  . . . ? Set your sights high. When possible, look ahead to where your vehicle will be 15 seconds or so into the future. Depending on surroundings and circumstances, as a general rule, at 30 miles per hour, a driver can usually see at least a block and a […]

Oct. 23rd


Halloween is supposed to be scary – but “fun scary” not “deadly scary.” Unfortunately, with excited kids darting around dark neighborhood streets (often in dark costumes) – Halloween has become one of the deadliest nights of the year for child pedestrians. Motorists traveling on Halloween night should remember that children are everywhere: streets, sidewalks, crosswalks […]

Oct. 16th

Myth #2: Talking to Someone on a Cell Phone is No Different than Talking to Someone in the Car

Myth #2:  The Great Multi-Tasking Lie – Talking to someone on a cell phone is no different than talking to someone in the car. A recent study cited by the University of Utah found that drivers distracted by cell phones are more oblivious to changing traffic conditions because they are the one ones in the […]

Oct. 9th

Myth #1: Drivers Can Multi-Task

Myth #1:  The Great Multi-Tasking Lie – Drivers Can Multi-Task Contrary to popular belief, the human brain cannot multitask.  Driving and talking on a cell phone are two thinking tasks that involve many areas of the brain.  Instead of processing both simultaneously, the brain rapidly switches between two cognitive activities. Take the classis example of […]

Oct. 2nd

Safety….what does it really mean?

In our company and in our industry we hear a lot about “Safety”.   Safety this, safety that, safety training, safety handouts.  When it really comes down to it the reason we talk about it so much is that it’s the most important thing we do.  It’s important because if we don’t do safety right, people […]

Sep. 25th


A nasty reality of driving large commercial vehicles is that you have significant areas around the vehicle where you just plain can’t see other vehicles that might be present. It makes life on the road even more dangerous than it otherwise might be. Those “blind spots” take special skill to manage as well as you […]