May. 22nd


The seat belt usage rate of commercial motor vehicle drivers continues to be much lower than that of the general motoring public, according to results of a study released by the FMCSA. Of the 3,909 trucks observed in the study, the overall seat belt usage rate for the CMV drivers was only 48 percent. According […]

May. 15th

Simple Rules Apply when Driving through Construction Zones

Speeding violations in construction zones carry more weight than non-c9nstruction site speeding violations.  A first year construction zone speeding violation is valued at 30 points.  By the time the violation reaches 2 years of age, it will STILL BE VALUED AT 10 CSA points. SIMPLE RULES WHEN DRIVING IN CONTRUCTION ZONES: Follow signs posted in […]

May. 8th


When driving in fog, slow down and increase following distance.  Four people were killed and 38 injured in a 70-vehicle pileup on a fog-blanketed highway in central Florida.  A mixture of thick fog and smoke from a brush fire engulfed a portion of Interstate 4 between Tampa and Orlando, resulting in several collisions and the […]

May. 1st


QUESTION: How many smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors do I need?  Where do they go, and when should I replace the batteries? ANSWER: Install smoke and carbon monoxide alarms on ceiling or high on walls on every level in the house. Also place them just outside every sleeping room (and inside if you close […]

Apr. 24th

Safety Alert – High Winds

As wind speed increases the pressure it exerts on your truck and trailer increases even more – if wind speed doubles from 30 to 60mph for example the pressure the wind exerts on your truck and trailer will increase by more than four times. Wind rarely blows steadily either, and sudden gusts can catch-out even […]

Apr. 17th

What to do if Your Vehicle Stalls or Hangs Up on the Tracks

GET OUT IMMEDIATELY – Evacuate your vehicle.  Trains traveling at 60mph may take a mile or more to stop. MOVE AWAY – Walk toward the oncoming train, and away from the tracks at a 45-degree angle.  If your vehicle is hit, debris will spread out from the tracks in the same direction that the train […]

Apr. 10th

The Great Multi-Tasking Lie

Many people think that they are good multi-taskers, but that is actually a myth . . . especially when it comes to cell phone use while driving.  Here are some facts from the National Safety Council. It’s no mystery!  Americans today have an unhealthy obsession with their cell phones.  Consider this: Drivers talking on handheld […]

Apr. 3rd


Emergency Eye Care – Do’s & Don’ts Eye safety can be easily overlooked, sometimes to our own detriment and a lifetime of regret. Imagine that yesterday you could see perfectly well, but after an accident, today you’re only partially sighted — to the extent that you can no longer drive or read. Your life has […]

Mar. 27th

Eat THEN Drive — Don’t Eat AND Drive

A study done by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) concluded that those who eat and drive increase the odds of an accident by 80%.  They also concluded that 65% of near miss accidents are caused by distracted drivers fussing food and drinks.  Those are some pretty staggering and eye opening statistics! You may […]

Mar. 20th

To Pass or Not To Pass? That is the question!

Signaling your intentions well in advance: Changing lanes and merging represent one of the top three causes of collisions for many trucking companies.  Care must be used whenever we, or other drivers, merge or change lanes for any reason. Proper timing of your turn signals is critical to alerting other drivers of your intentions. Never […]