Jan. 15th

It’s Not Too Late for a Flu Shot

Did you know the single best way to prevent the flu is getting vaccinated? If you skipped your flu shot this year it’s still not too late to get protected. You can also prevent the spread of the flu by following these three tips. 1. Avoid people who have the flu. 2. Wash your hands […]

Jan. 8th


Over exertion caused by loading and unloading heavy cargo can lead to injury and days away from work.  Tractor-trailer truck drivers are at higher risk of experiencing over exertion caused by excessive lifting, pushing, pulling, holding, carrying cargo or other heavy objects. According to statistics released last November by the Bureau of Labor Statistics half […]

Jan. 1st


Drowsy drivers are a major danger on the road. More than 100,000 motor vehicle crashes each year are a result of drowsy driving. FICTION: Caffeine can overcome drowsiness while driving. FACT: Only sleep can truly overcome drowsiness. Caffeine may make you feel more alert – but the results are only temporary.   FICTION: I’m a […]

Dec. 25th


During the Christmas holidays, there are more cars, more people, and more confusion than any other holiday during the year. When driving, make safety your #1 job. Wearing a seatbelt is your best bet to survive a motor vehicle collision. Make sure that all passengers are wearing seatbelts. Remember, children need to sit in the […]

Dec. 18th


SAFE SPEED Be prepared for the fact that you may not be able to drive the speed limit, and still be able to recognize hazards, react promptly, and get the vehicle stopped in time.   VISUAL SCANNING Good vision is limited to the areas illuminated by the headlights.   SPOTTING DEER On roads where deer […]

Dec. 11th

Cardinal Logistics, A History

I receive a lot of questions from Drivers regarding the history of Cardinal. I want to take a few minutes to list and answer some of these questions. How did Cardinal get started? Cardinal started as a regional truckload common carrier based in Concord, NC. Cardinal was originally owned by Carolina Freight and then by […]

Dec. 4th


Winter is here, but with a little thought and some extra “supplies” we can all make it through winter safely. Warm clothing (extra clothing, blankets, gloves) – Working outside of the cab for any length of time, cold weather clothing is a must.  Plus, you never know when a breakdown may occur or a road […]

Nov. 27th


For those of you in the northern part of the country, driving during the winter presents a number of hazards – not the least of which is the risk of encountering BLACK ICE. Black ice is formed when the air is warmer than the pavement, causing moisture to quickly form into a transparent layer of […]

Nov. 17th

Cardinal College Scholarship!

Does your child need Money for COLLEGE? Apply for the Cardinal Scholarship! Eligibility Criteria: High School Senior. Minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale through the Spring 2017 Semester. Dependent Child of a full-time active employee of Cardinal/Greatwide. Must be planning to attend ant accredited, public or private, four-year college or university in Fall […]

Nov. 13th


Although November is the month with the highest risk for vehicle-deer collisions, such accidents can happen any time of the year – and the effects are costly! About 200 people die each year from collisions with deer, and the economic cost to Americans is more than $1 billion annually. DOT officials in eight states want […]