Oct. 15th

Smith System Key #3: KEEP YOUR EYES MOVING

How to do it: Shift  your eyes every 2 seconds and check your mirrors every 5 to 8 seconds. What it does: Fights fatigue, keeps you aware of your surroundings Key Phrase: Scan . . . don’t stare!  This third standard of the Smith System asks drivers to remain alert.  Any repetitive motion can send […]

Oct. 8th

Cardinal CC681 and Bealls help Street Survival Foundation

For the last 2 years, Cardinal CC681 drivers have been asked to be a part of, along with Bealls, an event held by The Street Survival Foundation. We provide a Tractor and Trailer to show the teens and their parents about safe driving. They have Cardinal drivers talk about Blind sides of a semi and let […]

Oct. 1st

CC157 Office Depot – Driver Appreciation Recognition

Throughout Driver Appreciation Week, Drivers received Panera lunches, homemade sweet and sour balls and homemade BBQ. Drivers were given Cardinal T-Shirts, flashlights, tire pressure gauges, tread depth gauges and a special cake! Thank you for all that you do!

Sep. 17th

CC718 Land O Lakes Driver Appreciation

CC718 knows how to appreciate there drivers! There were three gatherings with our guys in Minnesota. Holly and Kelly put on one heck of a get together and our guys loved it! It was a great opportunity to socialize with our guys, and eat lots of great food and even more satisfying to fulfill a sweet […]

Sep. 17th

Eat Several Meals A Day?

Eating several (six is often recommended) small meals each day will increase your metabolism and help you burn more calories all day long.   Yep, it’s true. Keep the engine fed. Rather than scarf down two or three big meals and starve yourself in between eat lighter meals and more of them.. Is breakfast the most […]

Sep. 12th

Thank you Cardinal Drivers!!!

Cardinal Driver Appreciation Week is here!! Cardinal would like to thank ever driver for all of your dedication and hard work because you ARE Cardinal. Cardinal drivers go the extra mile. Literally! We hope that you know how much you are appreciated! We are a Cardinal Family! THANK YOU!

Sep. 3rd


Why Keep Your Vehicle Windows Clean? Dirty windows tend to scatter light rays, so the effects of glare are magnified, thus blinding the driver. This becomes especially troublesome when bright sun low in the sky is present or from car headlights and streetlights at night. Keeping windows clean on the inside is also important as […]

Aug. 27th

Photo Contest!! Driver Appreciation Week

In celebration of National Driver Appreciation Week we’re holding our first annual photo contest! Let’s see your behind the scenes photos of your dedicated life at Cardinal. To enter, just email a photo to cardinalphotocontest@gmail.com by Thursday, September 13th. The winners will be announced via our Facebook page on Friday, September 14th. (You may enter […]

Aug. 20th

Eat THEN Drive — Don’t Eat AND Drive

A study done by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) concluded that those who eat and drive increase the odds of an accident by 80%.  They also concluded that 65% of near miss accidents are caused by distracted drivers fussing food and drinks.  Those are some pretty staggering and eye opening statistics! You may […]

Aug. 6th

John Creel, CC617 Land O’Lakes, Fort Worth TX

The 1st quarter Driver of the Quarter for CC617 is John Creel. John has been with Cardinal since 2012. John is one of the trainers for our bulk operation in Fort Worth. He comes to work every day with a great attitude ready to work hard. John has built great relationships with all of our […]