Jun. 11th

Hands Free is not Risk Free

A HABIT WORTH BREAKING . . . The ringing of a phone or pinging of a text creates irresistible urges for many people to answer the call, read the message or respond. Company policy prohibits all hand held mobile phone use in company vehicles and owner operator leased units.  Cardinal also highly recommends non-company owned […]

May. 28th


Identify the hazards & deal with them — THESE INJURIES DON’T “JUST HAPPEN” Use full width dock plates Remove slip and trip hazards Check your load for broken pallets or loose banding Get help for loads not manageable by one person Use loading and unloading equipment that is appropriate for the load materials Check trailer […]

May. 14th


A nasty reality of driving large commercial vehicles is that you have significant areas around the vehicle where you just plain can’t see other vehicles that might be present. It makes life on the road even more dangerous than it otherwise might be. Those “blind spots” take special skill to manage as well as you […]

Apr. 30th

Smith System Key #5: MAKE SURE THEY SEE YOU

How to do it: Communicate in traffic; use your horn, lights and signals. What it does: Lets others know what you are about to do, establishes eye contact. Key Phrase: Don’t gamble. Use your horn, lights, and signals.   The worst thing a driver can do is assume . . .  Assume other drivers […]

Apr. 23rd

Smith System Key #4: LEAVE YOURSELF AN OUT

How to do it: Create a path of the least resistance. Keep your space cushion on all 4 sides. What it does: Creates multiple escape paths when a situation develops. Key Phrase: Be prepared and do your best to expect the This fourth principle of the Smith System states to leave yourself a way out.   […]

Apr. 16th

Smith System Key #3: KEEP YOUR EYES MOVING

How to do it: Shift  your eyes every 2 seconds and check your mirrors every 5 to 8 seconds. What it does: Fights fatigue, keeps you aware of your surroundings Key Phrase: Scan . . . don’t stare!  This third standard of the Smith System asks drivers to remain alert.  Any repetitive motion can send […]

Apr. 9th

Smith System Key #2: GET THE BIG PICTURE

Remember – your truck is only a small piece of the equation when it comes to the BIG PICTURE on the road. Don’t limit your vision – see the entire road.   Anticipate how what you see will affect your driving. A driver who “gets the big picture” is aware of   his/her surroundings at all times. There’s […]

Apr. 2nd

Joe Kasperowicz, CC198 North Dedicated Flex, Runnemede NJ

Joe Kasperowicz has been on temporary assignment in Fairdale KY for 6 months. He is part of the Flex team that helps out cost centers across the country when there is a spike or overflow of business that does not, or are unable to hire a driver locally. Joe has shown over this time that […]

Mar. 26th

Smith System Key #1: AIM HIGH

How do you AIM HIGH  . . . ? Set your sights high. When possible, look ahead to where your vehicle will be 15 seconds or so into the future. Depending on surroundings and circumstances, as a general rule, at 30 miles per hour, a driver can usually see at least a block and a […]

Mar. 5th

Collaborative Orientation in Chicago – CC684, 718 and 737

From left is John Gordon (684), Dean Wright (718) Tyrone Franklin (737), and trainer Tommy Caleodis (718). We conducted a joint orientation in Chicago, IL for new hires. In our joint orientations, we cover our company overview, Target Zero safety program, and also our companies policies and procedures. In addition, drivers head back to their […]