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Brian Henry asked 3 years ago

i work out of the 806 hub, my question is about winter coats does cardinal supply the gear our do we have to use are gear thanks

1 Answers
Kathy Highley Staff answered 3 years ago

Brian:  There are several jackets available from the online Cardinal company store, and each driver is given a $200 uniform allowance the first year and another $100 each year thereafter.  If you have funds available in your account, you can of course spend it on any of the items offered.  
If you do not have funds still available in your account, but you want to purchase a jacket with a Cardinal logo, you can login to Company Store 2 (where you can shop with a credit card), which is also listed on the Redbird’s Nest under the Employee Driver icon.  I hope this answers your question.  Feel free to call me direct anytime at 440-457-2343  Kathy HIghley