Joseph Kasperowicz asked 3 years ago

I could use some clarification regarding the short term disability benefits payout.  Do you actually get 60% of your gross weekly pay, up to XX amount, or is there some type of sliding scale?

3 Answers
Kathy Highley Staff answered 3 years ago

Your question needs to be answered by a corproate  Benefits Specialist.  I have forwarded your question to them to review and respond to you directly..  However, being that today is the last day of open enrollment, I doubt that you will hear back from them right away.  If you do not get an answer from Benefits this week. please call me direct at 440-457-2343 so that I can follow-up for you.  Kathy Highley

Kathy Highley Staff answered 3 years ago

PS – for future use, the Benefits Hotline number is 800-935-6868.  

Joseph Kasperowicz answered 3 years ago

Well, maybe if someone would have returned any one of our phone calls this week, we might not be so hard up against the deadline, and might actually have been able to accomplish something. I guess we are stuck now.