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Mark Gill asked 3 years ago

I see the scrolling messages have been updated. Refering to the 8 that scroll past automaticly. How can I go back and view the ones about our driver appreciation post from last week.

1 Answers
Kathy Highley Staff answered 3 years ago

Yes, the scrolling messages you see on the front page of the Redbird’s Nest (we call it a “rolling billboard”) is updated every Tues and Friday each week with new features on Driver Recognition, Safety & Wellness . . . plus we add other features about contest winner, Driver Appreciation Week events, etc. etc.  
If there are specific features you are looking for, give me a call at 440-457-2343 and I will be happy to give you access to any specific features you might have missed.  In the future, just be sure to come back to the Redbird’s Nest every Tue & Fri to make sure you see all the features.  Kathy Highley