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miguel jr asked 2 years ago

Is there a written policy stating that Bluetooth its not allowed while driving

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Ashlea Lifsey Staff answered 2 years ago

Cardinal does have a policy on all mobile devices. Whether hands-free or not. it would have been given to you at orientation. I have it copied in below…
The use of mobile communication devices can be a distraction to drivers. In the event of a collision, the investigating officer often documents the use or presence of a cell phone or other mobile communication device in the collision report.
Cardinal and Greatwide entities prohibit Company Drivers that operate company owned/rented/leased equipment from using any type of mobile communication device to talk or text while their vehicle is in motion. This prohibition includes the use of hands free devices. Mobile phone or other mobile comm technology can be a driving distraction and as such is prohibited in all Cardinal or Greatwide company vehicles.
Because the use of cellular telephones is a regulatory matter of public safety, independent contractors must comply with the federal regulations and state laws that pertain to owner-operators. Cardinal and Greatwide independent owner operators and any hired drivers working for such an independent contractor owner operators should use mobile phone devices only as permitted by federal regulation and state laws.
Hand held phone usage is prohibited for all drivers, regardless of whether they are independent owner operators, hired drivers of owner operators, or company employee drivers.
Holding, dialing and reaching are prohibited for independent contractors by federal regulation while operating a commercial motor vehicle. Per the regulation:

  • Holding a handheld device in a hand to talk or text while driving is prohibited for contractors;
  • Dialing or answering a handheld device using more than one button while driving is prohibited for contractors;
  • Reaching for a handheld device so that the driver is no longer in his/her seat as properly restrained by a proper seat belt while driving is prohibited for contractors.
  • Talking on a hands-free mobile telephone that can be answered without touching the phone, such as by voice command, is permitted for contractors. For example, a contractor may use a Bluetooth earpiece that can be dialed or answered without touching the device (i.e. by voice dialing), or by touching a single button (i.e. speed dialing). Texting is prohibited.

Any questions about the regulation applicable to contractors (owner operators and their hired drivers) should be directed to the Safety Department.

gilbert daigle answered 2 years ago

I wear a blue tooth head set that all I have to do is push 1 button and speak to it to call someone or push 1 button to answer or hang up a call without touching my phone. Would I be able to use it? this is much safer than a CB radio which is more dangerous than a blue tooth because you take one hand to drive and one to hold the mic.

Ashlea Lifsey Staff answered 2 years ago

Bluetooth usage is prohibited as stated in the policy listed previously. I have taken your concern to management.  

william svarnas answered 2 years ago

All the dings, Lights, and  Camras are more dangerous then a blue tooth. For all the people sitting in the office and DOTofficers And law makers that don’t drive a truck should know it is more safer to be able to talk to someone on the phone since we have a no rider polcy to have someone to talk to. Them highway lines and driving at night  can make a  driver very tired. Now I’m not being mean about this I speak for myself and the other drivers. Thanks for the vent lol

Ashlea Lifsey Staff answered 2 years ago

Thank you for your input. We always want to listen to concerns and we value advice from the road!