Driver Manuel with Wife Josefina

The story of Mr. Manuel Lopez goes back to 2014 when he swapped over from a Company Driver to an Owner/Operator with Greatwide. He’s been with us as an O/O since.  He’s married to Maritza Lopez and they’ve been married 25 years now.  He is co-owner of El Majahual, which is an authentic Salvadorian Restaurant, and he is involved in the day-to-day operations there as well as inventory clerk.  He does surprise the office staff here at 832 (Shout out OKC!) with the occasional catering of pupusas and curtido that has easily become an office favorite.  Manuel is a proud father of 2 children (ages 22 and 24) and has been living in Oklahoma for 10 years.  Previously residing in California, Manuel and his family moved here about 10 years ago for the lower cost of living and a more solid economy.  He attends the Church of Christ here in OKC 3 days per week and is a big futbol fan.  His favorite team is FC Barcelona.

Mr. Manuel is very dependable and is always smiling. He told me that he is very grateful for Cardinal and when something new is implemented he’s one of the first guys in my office to get the scoop, he stays ahead of most!  Everyone only has nice things to say about Manuel and we hope he’s around for a long while!


Driver Manuel with daughter

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