At CC804 this year Cardinal invited all of our drivers and family members to a Memphis Red Birds baseball game with a fully catered BBQ buffet in the stadium. We had over 250 guests at the game. An amazing turnout. We did a safety raffle with 3 top prizes of $500 each. For the previous 10 days leading up to the baseball game each driver received a ticket for each route they completed without any preventable injuries/accidents and no safety or service infractions. A clean 10 days got you 10 tickets or that drawing.

Also, during Driver appreciation week Joseph and I thought it would be a cool gesture to make sandwiches to add a personal touch rather than have it catered in. John text me later that day that it was the “best sandwich he ever had”.

Shown in the picture left to right:  Driver Support Specialist-Joseph Allen, Driver-John Payant and Sr. Operations Manager-Danny McLaughlin

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