Cardinal Driver Ivan Magallon from CC 675 Plygem in Bryan TX was in the right place at the right time.

Driving up on an accident Ivan’s quick thinking saved a motorcycle rider’s life.  In his own words below:

“ I was driving south on I-35 heading back to TX and saw something to my left headed north.  I thought something like a tarp had fallen out of a truck, but as I passed it I saw it separate and I realized then that it was a motorcycle and a rider.  I was able to brake and pull to the side. Another truck driver and I were able to block traffic and I jumped the barrier in the median to get to the rider.  I flagged down the northbound lanes to stop them as well. I ran over to where to motorcyclist was and there were people standing over him. Everyone was in shock and I had them call 911.  As they were calling I heard the guy moan and realized he was still alive.  I went over to him and started talking to him and he was screaming about his leg.  I saw that his right leg was mostly gone so I used my belt to make a tourniquet.  When the cops got there they put two more tourniquets on his leg and for the trauma there was the rider lost a minimal about of blood. At the next Love’s about 10 miles down the road I stopped and talked to the other driver who had helped block the traffic.  I don’t have a radio, but the other driver said all the truckers in the area got on their radio and completely locked down the highway so that everyone at the scene was safe. Pretty cool to see everyone come together like that!”

“ I was trained as a first responder at a previous job in the oilfield and was able to use that training to hopefully save the riders life.”

-Ivan Magallon


Bryan, TX



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