When you’re having one of those days, keep these points in mind.

Whatever you carry, you’re also helping other companies survive and expand. That means when you pick up display cases at a tiny company in New York and take them to huge shopping malls or upscale stores, you’re helping the people who supply the materials to build the display cases, the workmen who made the cases, the salespeople and managers at the stores that use them. Your pickup and delivery can potentially help a hundred or more people keep their jobs and feed their families.

Thanks to you or a driver like you, the little old lady who depends on her neighborhood pharmacy having her heart medicine on the shelf when she needs to refill her prescription will live longer and more comfortably. Could be one of her grandsons will be the doctor your daughter marries. Or maybe she’s the lady your niece takes piano lessons from, and someday you’ll be sitting at a concert listening to her outstanding performance as your sister beams with pride.

You and other professional drivers keep groceries on the shelves all across the nation. Without you, that young baseball player wouldn’t sit down to a home-cooked meal when he or she gets finished with practice.  You keep stomachs filled and probably nourish a kid’s dreams as well.

And it’s not just here at home, you know. All across the world, in every country and every language, there are millions of truck drivers getting plows to farmers, books to schools, medical equipment to labs. Truckers are involved in every aspect of life, from something as ordinary as curtains for a kitchen window to the latest extremely high-tech medical diagnostic machine at a huge hospital or a tower for cell phone signals.

Homes are built from materials you haul. Companies hire people who work on the machines you brought them, whether computers or filling soft drink cans. You get the filing cabinets to the clerks, the phone systems to the secretaries and the chalkboards to the teachers.

You’ve seen the signs on the backs of trucks – WITHOUT TRUCKS – AMERICA STOPS!   It’s true. Take a look in the mirror. You make the ‘wheels of industry’ turn.

You’re tremendously important to all the rest of us, by making our lives work, and our work produce a living, providing for families and even the dog three houses down from your home. Whether you hear it on a regular basis or not, we owe you a big “Thanks.”

Thanks for the careful, safe driving you do, in all kinds of weather, delivering products, goods and food to grocery stores and shopping malls. Thanks for being on time delivering CAT scan equipment to hospitals, glass for window panes at a new school, vaccines for the vet for Fido or Fluffy. Thanks for showing all of us what a professional driver looks, works, thinks and drives like.

You’re a very special person. Thank YOU!

(reprint from article by Terri Jenkins Brady)


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