Willie Rutledge joined Cardinal in 2005 and worked with us on the Home Depot account for three years. He rejoined our team again in 2012 and has regained his status as an invaluable team member. He is a driver who starts each day with a plan. Despite the many hiccups throughout the day, it always appears he executes his plan flawlessly. Our office often wonders how he always manages to make things work.

Each morning Willie reaches out to all of his stores to ensure everyone is on the same page. Because he puts everyone else first, and pays high attention to the details, he is often offering solutions to problems no one knew existed, fixing issues before they arise, and rearranging his day to accommodate last minute adjustments and add ons. Since he knows the contractors well in his area, he goes even one step further to ensure all are taken care of in the timeframe they prefer so their projects start on time. On the rare occasion something gets his way, he communicates to all parties and presents the workable solution. He then works with each store to make sure everything going out is safely wrapped, palletized, and correct. When I paid a visit one day to Charleston, I arrived to find Willie behind the store re-palletizing, preparing, and loading his truck because no one was available to do it. On another occasion, he spent 4 hours at a store palletizing and preparing orders that were not yet ready so the other two drivers in the area would not have to wait for the orders they were coming to get.

Willie gives the same service to the end customer. One elderly lady was unable to get her previous delivery moved to a specific area to where she needed it. Willie took care of the new order, and the previous driver’s order to make sure the customer was happy and able to access her product. Somehow, he STILL gets it all done in time.

Willie is a highly motivated team member whose abilities and willingness to do what it takes have no limitations. We are so appreciative to have someone of his caliber return to our team. His contribution to our success doesn’t go unnoticed and we look forward to our future with him at our side.

Thanks for all you do Willie!

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