Jeff works out of CC 670 in Bethel, PA and one morning a few weeks ago the customer had an issue at their dock. This is what the customer had to say…

“The chain to my dock leveler broke this morning, and Jeff went above and beyond to help me get my loading dock leveled so that I could unload the freight. Not only was he helpful, but he was extremely patient and efficient. I don’t think there are many other drivers that would have handled the situation as well as Jeff did. Thank you, Jeff!”

Not only did Jeff handle himself  well at the customer site but when his Ops manger spoke to him to thank him for going above and beyond , Jeff simply replied he was just doing his job. Thank you Jeff for being apart of the Cardinal family and showing what it means to go above and beyond even if to you its just another day at the office!

The CC gave Jeff a gift certificate to Texas Roadhouse so he could treat his family to dinner as a way to say thank you for his showing of excellence.



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