At Cardinal’s CC635 Plygem Windows Account in Vacaville, CA, not a day goes by that you don’t see our yard hostler, Sam Bernal, moving trailers.  He works daily to ensure that the warehouse has trailers at the dock door to load so that our Cardinal drivers can leave on time.  Sam helps CC635 to be a success as he touches and rotates our fleet of trailers that will deliver over 275,000 units to our customers across the Western USA in 2018.   His efforts do not go unrecognized as he fills in for absent drivers, makes pick up and deliveries to and from internal backhauls and does it all with a smile.  Sam can be counted on in the clutch!  He goes and helps other accounts if they are short a driver and he works on Saturdays for special assignments in the yard or to deliver a hot delivery. 

 “I love what I do,” said Bernal as he shuttled trailers between dock doors.   “For 2 ½ years I’ve given it my all,” he said. 

 We recognize Sam this month at Plygem as our driver of the month.  Thank you Sam for your constant dedication and hard work!!


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