CC806 Charter Steel Team recognizes Jay Skolnik for his exceptional driving behavior on November 30th 2017. Cc806 received a DriveCam alert notification for a “near collision” and reviewed the video. The video clearly shows a motorist moving instantly from a stopped position in the left lane to directly in front of Mr. Skolnik who was traveling 17mph at the time. Mr. Skolnik used excellent driving behavior by expecting the unexpected and approaching stopped/slowed cars with great caution, thus allowing him to stop almost instantly and avoid the collision with the motorist. Jay did an awesome job with using his Smith System keys!

Not only did Jay have exceptional driving behavior on that day, but he also set the example for behind the wheel behavior in the moments following! Jay didn’t curse, yell or scream, he remained calm, sounded his horn for less than a moment to alert the motorist to continue his movement and continued on his route. Fantastic job done Jay! You continue to set the example and we appreciate it!!


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