Chris has been a Cardinal driver in Goodlettsville, TN since  8/14/2015.  With everything our drivers have to go through every day of the week, with all of technology tracking and protecting our drivers every minute they are behind the wheel, and with all of the not so good drivers that have to deal with everyday on the highways, in parking lots, all places that they travel, it is amazing that Chris went the entire month without 1 single dash cam instance, meaning for every mile and minute that he traveled for the month, he did nothing unsafe or did not put himself in a unsafe situation.  This is what has made Cardinal and keeps Cardinal at the forefront of operating safely everyday.  Mike Green is giving Chris the certificate of appreciation for a job well done. An amazing great job Chris, you are truly a credit to your profession and thank you for making sure you are safe at all times.

Congratulations Chris!!


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