CC806 Charter Steel Team recognizes our three newest hires in Fostoria, OH –  James Depinet, Matt Leader and Phil Craig.  Our cost center hauls what is known as coil steel, or what drivers call “slinky steel” and it often takes a quite a bit of time to learn the ins and outs of securing and transporting our product safely.  James, Matt and Phil have done a superb job and have become seasoned, reliable drivers in just three to four short months.  Their direct supervisor has depended on them to deliver to new customers, to take on new project work, as they all do a wonderful job representing our customer Charter Steel and Cardinal very well.  Additionally, James, Matt and Phil all have had very few LYTX videos, no log violations and have continued to do well with our photo compliance policy. 

We are thankful and proud to have these three drivers on our team! Keep up the great work!

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