Bobby Hipps has been working with Cardinal on the Home Depot account since August 2007. Although he is very laid back and soft spoken in even the most difficult situations, his level of customer service does not go unnoticed.   Bobby continuously goes above and beyond to ensure his customers are satisfied with their delivery.

With most of his deliveries being on the beach in high-rises and condos, Bobby has been put in some pretty precarious positions from some of the most difficult customers. Yet, he always has a smile for his customers and does what it takes to make them happy.   He maintains solid communication with the stores and offers solutions to getting the job done.

Bobby has helped multiple accounts over the years from California to Florida and various places in between with little notice. His only question when we say we need help is “when and where do I need to be?” We are grateful to Bobby for consistently proving his dedication to Cardinal by being available and willing to perform any task needed in or out of his regular geographic areas.  Bobby is a team player in all aspects and we are grateful to have him.

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