While we sincerely appreciate our drivers all year long, National Driver Appreciation week allows us to reflect on the men and women who keep our business running. We celebrate and thank all of our professionals who work tirelessly to get the loads delivered and go the extra mile to serve our customers.  The job of a truck driver is so much more than just driving a truck.  Drivers are the backbone of America and keep our economy running.  It’s a truly noble profession.  This career choice also comes with great responsibility that you take seriously.  You succeed daily in keeping our roads safe and our customers happy.  Cardinal Logistics is supremely grateful for your dedication and loyalty.  Your importance to this Company and this industry cannot be overstated.  Without you, there is no Cardinal.  Thank you for being a part of the Cardinal Family and we look forward to many more years of this great partnership!  Stay safe.

Roy Szymkowicz, COO




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