awards_shutterstock_255760165We are pleased to announce our new 2017 Driver Annual Recognition Program.  At Cardinal /GW we feel it’s extremely important for Cardinal/Greatwide to recognize our drivers for their efforts, expertise, and loyalty.

The program is based on recognizing your years of service (tenure) to the company. The program will provide an annual recognition package and accompanying catalog where you can choose a token of our appreciation via an awards catalog.  Ready to get started and order your award? Click this link:  People are Everything

Driver Anniversaries

On or around your annual anniversary date, you will receive 3 sleeve patches and a 6 x 4 magnetic door sign, each indicating the years of service.  The patches can be sewn on any company uniform.  The magnetic signs can be placedprint catalog_shutterstock_181039697 on your tractor. You will also receive a congratulatory letter and a catalog allowing you to pick out an item of your choice.  As your tenure with the company increases so does the value of available items in the catalog you will be receiving.  Once you select the item, it will be   sent directly to your home.

Milestone Years

On designated “milestone” years (1, 5, 10, 15, 20 & 25) you will be awarded a plaque and congratulatory letter, award_plaque_shutterstock_119711821indicating the years of service.  You will also receive a catalog allowing you to pick out a gift from the award catalog.  Milestone years reflect a higher value award than the annual awards.  As your tenure with the company continues to increase so does the value of the gift.

Please Note:  This program is for Company Drivers only.


We feel it’s critical to recognize our company drivers as we know it’s a difficult job.  We know driving a truck presents many challenges everyday on the road and working with customers and staff.

Let’s take a minute and review the key elements of the program.

  • The program is strictly tenure based.  We want to recognize our company drivers so on each “anniversary” of the drivers hire date, the driver will receive a recognition letter, sew on patches and truck magnets indicating years of service, and a gift.  The gift comes in form of a catalog whereby a driver can go on line and select a gift.  Gifts range from jewelry, to cooking gear, to tools, and recreational items.
  • We recognize certain years as “Milestone” years that deserve extra attention. These are the company driver 1, 5, 10, 15, 20, & 25 years of employment anniversaries.  The value of the gift increases with each anniversary year, from approximately $20 for year one through $950 for year 25.  Below, you’ll see some examples:

We hope you appreciate the program, as we certainly appreciate each and every one of you . . . and sincerely respect the work you do, day in and day out.  Thank you.

If you have any questions about the program, please feel free to contact your driver advocate, Ashlea Lifsey at 704-789-2021.