May. 5th

Thank you Jermell Scott from CC 753 out of SC for Being In The Driver Spotlight!

Jermell Scott  has been with Cardinal at the Red Classic account for over a year and they love him,  He always goes above and beyond, asking to help with extra loads if needed. He conducts himself in a  professional manner. He is always about safety and it shows. Jermell passions are his  supportive Wife and […]

Apr. 13th

Thank You Ken Kawalski Out of CC 803 AWG For 15 Years of Service With Cardinal!

Mar. 30th

Paul Uphus Out of CC 718 and His Wife Taking Care of The Truck Drivers. Thank You So Much For Stepping Up During This!

Paul Uphus, our driver at CC 718, as well as his wife own Martinez Meat and Grocery. On Paul’s day off they set up at the local truck stop to feed drivers as everything else available to them was closed. Once things get back to normal lets not forget about Martinez Meat & Grocery if […]

Mar. 18th

Thank You Rodney Gurule for 5 years of service with Cardinal Logistics.

Rodney Gurule has been with Cardinal 5 years this March. His positive attitude and team work ethic is a big part of the Denver accounts success. He drives primarily for the Ryerson account but also is our go to guy when help is needed at the Metrie account. Thanks Rodney for your hard work and […]

Mar. 9th

Thanks Steven Brumlow Out of CC515 for 1 year of service With Cardinal Logistics!

Feb. 10th

Andrew Butler Out of CC 804 Southaven, MS is the Big Winner!

Andrew was our yearly referral bonus contest winner. Thank you Andrew for referring so many drivers to the Cardinal family!!

Jan. 27th

Congratulations Yancey Crawford from CC 157 out of PA for being in Our Driver Spotlight!

        Yancey has been with Cardinal for approximately 15 years at the Office Depot account, in both the Mountain Top and Newville PA locations.  Yancey crossed the million mile mark last year, and is still going strong.  He does a great job for us, and takes a lot of pride in his […]

Dec. 6th

Congrats to Tim Wigens out of CC 780 for being in the Driver Spotlight!!

I would like to recognize Cardinal Logistics Driver Tim Wigen for CC780 driver of the 3rd Quarter. Tim has shown exemplary performance for his Safe driving habits with drive events and MPG/Idol time. Tim is a pleasure to work with every day and communicates excellently for our Customer HMI. Tim helps to ensure his star […]

Nov. 13th

Congratulations to James Cady out of CC515 for 12 Years with Cardinal and Reaching One Million Safe Miles!! Thank You James for Your Hard Work and Dedication

We at cc515 would like to recognize James Cady for his 12 year tenure with Cardinal at the Associated Materials account in Fife, WA. James has been an integral part of our team and has recently reached the one million safe miles accomplishment. James has continued to provide the level of customer support our customer […]

Nov. 1st

Congratulations to Abdias Quinones out of CC 647 in Miami for being in the Spotlight!

CC647 is recognizing Abdias Quinones for his performance he displays each day on the Metrie account. Abdias handles the Miami area with a safe and professional performance that not only our Customer (Metrie), but the customers for Metrie count on. Any concern the customer might have, Abdias will make sure to point them in the […]