Dec. 10th

John Thrower, CC806 Charter Steel, Saukville WI

CC806 Charter Steel Team recognizes Saukville local driver John Thrower.  John has been a team player since he joined Cardinal in August of 2010. Shortly after John joined our team, he was nominated as Driver of the Month in November of 2011. Often times John has been called upon to fill in for the Spotter/Loader […]

Nov. 26th

CC617 Land O Lakes – 500,000 Safe Miles Drivers!

Cardinal would like to recognize these 3 drivers for their 500,000 miles of safe accident free driving! Way to go guys!!! Pictured Left to Right: Darnell Deering – Oklahoma City, OK Jeff Clary – Fort Worth, TX Jared Lawrence – Operations Manager Greg Eades – Fort Worth, TX      

Nov. 19th

Safe Driving Awards, CC660 Plygem, Dallas TX

Pictured Left – Timothy Sperl – Top right  – Charles Sadler – Bottom right – Timothy Blount – CC660 These three gentleman have received gift cards for their safe driving! The month of September they all received a score of zero on their Lytx DriveCam. They take pride in their work and safe driving. Anytime […]

Nov. 12th

CC804 AWG Driver Appreciation Week

At CC804 this year Cardinal invited all of our drivers and family members to a Memphis Red Birds baseball game with a fully catered BBQ buffet in the stadium. We had over 250 guests at the game. An amazing turnout. We did a safety raffle with 3 top prizes of $500 each. For the previous 10 […]

Nov. 5th

Timothy Sperl, CC660 PlyGem, Dallas TX

Timothy Sperl with Cardinal’s PlyGem account in Dallas, TX is enjoying some of his Driver Appreciate Week perks! Cardinal really does appreciate drivers!

Oct. 29th

CSA Training in Youngstown OH

Part of Cardinal’s orientation process is CSA training. There were 3 instructors involved in this, Tommy Caleodis, Keith Murphy, and Dana Stratton. This collaborative orientation included drivers from eight different cost center, 526, 542, 639,683, 686, 691, 702 and 711. Welcome to the Cardinal Family, Drivers!  

Oct. 22nd

Metrie, Sumner WA, CC611/669, Safety Meeting

Operations Manager, Gregory Joyce can’t choose one over the other as all 11 of his drivers far exceed any expectations we can conceive. In his 30 plus years in transportation, Gregory has never worked with a more thoughtful, courteous, hard working bunch of guys. Every one of them go above and beyond what’s required or asked of them on […]

Oct. 8th

Paul Tisdell, CC526 Kodak, Rochester NY

We would like to recognize Paul Tisdell from CC526 Rochester, NY as one of our most flexible drivers. Paul is one of our night shift drivers, but often is asked to bounce to day shift… when customer scheduling demands require it. We can always count on Paul to return messages, knowing that he may need […]

Oct. 1st

Shawn Brunecz, CC806 Charter Steel, Cuyahoga Heights OH

CC806 Charter Steel Team recognizes Billet driver Shawn Brunecz for being an awesome team player and great communication! Shawn has been with the company since August of 2014 and holds a Billet driver position in Cleveland, OH. Shawn has continuously stepped into different roles to help the team out –and does a wonderful job every […]

Sep. 24th

Victor Herschi, CC806 Charter Steel, Saukville WI

CC806 Charter Steel Team recognizes Over the Road driver Victor Herschi for being a hardworking, dedicated team player. Victor has been with the company since March of 1996 and holds an Over the Road position out of Saukville, WI. In March of 2010, Victor rightfully owned the title “Driver of the Month” for the Charter […]