Sep. 11th

Hurricane Relief Efforts

We would like to update you all on disaster relief efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma.  Setting up an employee disaster relief fund takes significant time, and no one wants to leave our employees in need while we continue that lengthy process. To provide immediate help to the Greatwide Distribution Logistics […]

Sep. 11th

Cardinal Says THANK YOU!

Sept 11 – 17th is Driver Appreciation Week! Cardinal wants to send a heartfelt thank you out to all the drivers out there and to their families. We truly appreciate the hard work , long, hours, and many miles the drivers put in every week to keep America rolling. From all of us at Cardinal […]

Sep. 4th

Know Someone Looking for A Driving Position?

Have them join our team! We have plenty of owner/operator and company driver opportunities for clients in almost every industry throughout the country. As a driver with Cardinal Greatwide Logistics, you’ll have the pay and home time you need to really enjoy your career–and the rest of your life. Why work for Cardinal? All of […]

Jul. 3rd

Current Driver? Have Questions?

Meet Your Driver Advocate! Are you a current Cardinal Driver and have a question? Contact Ashlea Lifsey Monday – Friday 8 am to 5 pm. Phone: 704-789-2021

May. 22nd

401K Match for 2016!

We are happy to announce that the 401(k) match on 2016 contributions has been deposited to employees’ 401(k) account!    For the 2016 plan year, the Board approved a match of 25% of the first 2% of participating employees’ contributions.       Employees can log onto to see the matching contribution, or to make changes to their […]

Apr. 10th


There are some driving behaviors that mark the true professional truck driver. Keep a safe following distance. If there is one thing that gives the trucking industry a bad name, it’s the habit of tailgating by some not-so-professional drivers. Keep to the right on upgrades. You know that load and vehicle size will slow you […]

Feb. 6th


Greet everyone with a friendly smile! Remember – to the customer – you are the company. You are more likely to get the results you want by being pleasant. Never argue with a customer. Remember that the customer pays your wages. State things in a positive way. Brighten the customer’s day. Go the extra mile. […]

Jan. 13th


Habits take time to develop, but once they are set they require much less attention and effort. You become what you do consistently. Excellence is a habit available to anyone. No matter how common the task, it should be done uncommonly well. The path of excellence is never crowded; it’s an unending process of constant […]

Jun. 1st


A POSITIVE ATTITUDE CHANGES EVERYTHING! A positive attitude is infectious.  If you have a positive attitude about achieving goals and success in general, you will be much more motivated to take action.  If you look at what you want to accomplish and see only the obstacles – your motivation diminishes pretty quickly.  We need to […]

Feb. 10th


Note that Thursday, January 9,  we had ZERO (O) accident claims reported. We did see a couple cargo claims and one stolen trailer, but no accidents at all. With over a hundred cost centers and several thousand drivers operating on the roadways this is something worth patting ourselves on the back over. Our new combined company […]