Mar. 17th

Bryan Scott, CC706 Perdue Farms, Denver PA

Bryan Scott has continued outstanding service to Cardinal and Perdue (and other accounts) on a daily basis. Bryan, aka “Scooby”, has been with Cardinal since July 2014 and has been a valuable asset to Cardinal since day one. He works hard through any issues that arise and never once complains about it. Scooby is also […]

Mar. 3rd

Carol Reiss, Spotter/Loader, CC806 Charter Steel, Saukville WI

CC806 Charter Steel Team recognizes our newest Saukville WI Spotter/Loader Carol Reiss.  Carol joined our team December 21st 2018 and has been an awesome addition to our team since! We were very impressed with Carol’s ability to learn and retain the ins and outs of the position in a short time span, her initiative and […]

Feb. 18th

Juan Castro, CC635 Plygem Windows, Vacaville CA

Each and every day, CC635’s Driver Juan Castro has a can do attitude!  No matter the route, no matter the challenge, Juan steps up to the plate.  He is a safe driver and always serves the customer with a smile.  For nearly 3 years Juan shows up daily to deliver excellence for our customer, Plygem […]

Feb. 4th

Kyle Boszor, CC693 BMC, Austin TX

Kyle “Mississippi” Boszor has been with Cardinal since July of 2018. He was a long shot hire from out of state when we first started his interviewing. He had gotten engaged and was moving to the Austin, TX area from Mississippi. Boasting a wise age of only 23 at the time of hire, “Mississippi” had […]

Jan. 22nd

Chris Warren, CC803 AWG, Goodlettsville TN

Chris has been a Cardinal driver in Goodlettsville, TN since  8/14/2015.  With everything our drivers have to go through every day of the week, with all of technology tracking and protecting our drivers every minute they are behind the wheel, and with all of the not so good drivers that have to deal with everyday […]

Jan. 8th

Michael Magee, CC660 Plygem, Dallas TX

We have nominated Michael Magee for driver of the month. He has been with us for 5 short months but has worked hard and driven safe. For two months in a row he had a score card of zero for his Lytx drive-cam. We greatly appreciate his safe driving for not only himself but other […]

Dec. 31st

David Murillo, CC816 TEC, Georgetown TX

There have been a lot of changes at TEC over the years and company driver, David Murillo has been through most of them.  He has been driving out of this location for 10 years and seen the transportation go from a TEC private fleet to a few different contractors before ending up with Cardinal.  His […]

Dec. 17th

Preston Buie, CC759 Atrium, Welcome NC

Preston Buie arrived at a customer to find their parking lot covered in snow. Instead of leaving and attempting to redeliver, he stayed and helped them shovel the snow to clear a safe spot for him to back into the dock. Preston always has a great attitude and goes above and beyond weekly to help the […]

Dec. 3rd

CC806 Charter Steel Recognizes New Hires- Depinet, Leader, and Craig

CC806 Charter Steel Team recognizes our three newest hires in Fostoria, OH –  James Depinet, Matt Leader and Phil Craig.  Our cost center hauls what is known as coil steel, or what drivers call “slinky steel” and it often takes a quite a bit of time to learn the ins and outs of securing and […]

Nov. 26th

Sam Bernal, CC635 Plygem Windows, Vacaville CA

At Cardinal’s CC635 Plygem Windows Account in Vacaville, CA, not a day goes by that you don’t see our yard hostler, Sam Bernal, moving trailers.  He works daily to ensure that the warehouse has trailers at the dock door to load so that our Cardinal drivers can leave on time.  Sam helps CC635 to be […]