Jan. 15th

Paul Castonguay, Charter Steel CC806, Saukville WI

CC806 Charter Steel Team recognizes Paul Castonguay and his awesome son Eian’s recent accomplishment! Paul’s oldest son Eian has agreed to accept a football scholarship to play college football at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, CO.  That’s an incredible accomplishment.  That’s one of the hardest schools in the country to get into academically, […]

Jan. 8th

Jay Skolnik, Charter Steel CC806, Cuyahoga Hts OH

CC806 Charter Steel Team recognizes Jay Skolnik for his exceptional driving behavior on November 30th 2017. Cc806 received a DriveCam alert notification for a “near collision” and reviewed the video. The video clearly shows a motorist moving instantly from a stopped position in the left lane to directly in front of Mr. Skolnik who was […]

Jan. 1st

Ben Messer, Land O’ Lakes CC718, Sauk Centre MN

Recently a technology team from Land O’ Lakes met Ben Messer at one of our farm pickups and went farm to farm with him throughout his day shadowing his every move. The feedback received from our customer on their experience was outstanding, and that Ben was awesome to work with and they really enjoyed their time […]

Dec. 25th

Micheal High, Land O Lakes CC617, Gonzales TX

CC 617 has nominated Micheal High for 2017 driver of the month for October. Michael has been with Cardinal since May 15, 2016. Micheal is our second shift shuttle driver. Micheal shows a willingness to help out the team in any way he can. He is always willing to come in early, stay late, and run […]

Dec. 18th

William Saint, Charter Steel CC806, Cuyahoga Heights, OH

Cc806 Charter Steel Team is excited to thank and recognize William Saint for his extreme hard work and beyond positive can-do attitude!! William Saint sets the bar high when it comes to his can-do attitude and being a team player! Recently on October 13th, William (a Cleveland domiciled driver) was asked to help out the […]

Dec. 11th

Shannon Williams, PlyGem CC675, Bryan, TX

Shannon Williams started with Cardinal Feb. 15 2017. He started off a little a little unsure of these big windows, and was a bit intimidated, but he never gave up no matter the obstacle or the load. Shannon grew more confident with every load and has become a “go to” driver.   He’s reliable, has a […]

Dec. 4th

Gerome Jones, PlyGem CC660 TX

Gerome Jones has been with Cardinal for almost a year now and has been a great asset to our account. He works hard and goes out of his way to help his fellow drivers and is always willing to help with the yard work when we need an extra hand. He does his job efficiently […]

Nov. 27th

Steven Jackson, Peco Pallets CC716 Grand Prairie TX

Steven Jackson goes above and beyond each day, and has done a tremendous job servicing our customer Peco pallets. Mr. Jackson brings a good attitude each and every day, and goes the extra mile and helps out on additional loads when needed. Mr. Jackson also goes to all the delivery mills in the Southwest region, […]

Nov. 20th

Brian Henry, CC806 Charter Steel, Cuyahoga Heights OH

CC806 Charter Steel Team recognizes Brian Henry’s awesomeness and is appreciative of his extreme hard work! Recently our customer, Charter Steel made some changes that required a direct shuttle route. Brian was chosen to handle this run – running and strapping up to 15 LOADS of steel coils a night!! Not only is Brian’s really […]

Nov. 13th

Kevin Davenport, CC617 Land O Lakes, Shreveport LA

We at  CC 617 would like to recognize Kevin Davenport. “DAVEK” hired on with Cardinal in October of 2011. He has been delivering feed for Land O Lakes out of the Shreveport, La.  location. He has grown to know the stops and developed a good relationships with the customers. He also helps to get trailers loaded […]